Nordic Destination-Tips & Reviews

Group Tours are can be the most exiting way to travel but they can also be a challenge. They are organised to varying levels of quality and comfort and often include a tour leader. The duration can be quite short – one to twenty days. Here are a few tips to help select the right offers excellent info on this.

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  1. Consider the tour providers

There are many tour providers. Each operates with their own business model and their advertising reflects the strengths of their offer (naturally). However, for discerning travellers who yearn to learn about history, culture, art or other specific area, considering providers who have a presence or connection to the country will provide a better value experience. For example, if traveling to Asia, selecting heritage or boutique hotels might be more interesting than staying with the global providers.

  1. Consider the destination

Group tours are available to almost all countries where foreign travel is allowed. Some destinations have strict rules in what groups can do and where they can go. However, your travel consultant will provide the advice that you need. Always check with past travellers for genuine feedback.

  1. Consider the group size

Group sizes vary greatly. Small group tours are from 6 to 20 people and larger tours can be in excess of 50 travellers. Generally, small group tours are higher priced than larger tours due to the intimacy they provide, the standard of accommodation, and the places they can visit. Large group tours are generally more economical and are determined by the maximum size of the vehicle used for transport.

  1. Consider the mode of in-country travel

Many of the lowest cost tours utilise public transport which can be quite daunting in some countries. Other group tours use air-conditioned mini-busses and coaches. If safety is a concern, consider the bus or coach option with a group leader who you can trust.

  1. Consider the inclusions and exclusions

Always compare like with like. All-inclusive group tours cost more upfront than other tours. However, the overall cost may be less when all costs are considered, hence they are often of better value. Do not forget to plan for tipping in planning any travel.

  1. Consider the Policies

The booking policies vary between providers. Check the cancellation policies to understand the repercussions if they cancel or if you need to cancel. In conclusions, the number of group tours has grown quickly over the last few years and it continues to grow. As with any travel, it is best to check the details to make sure that disappointments are avoided. They are organised to varying levels of quality and comfort and often include a tour leader or someone with that role. Our busy lifestyles has been one of the many drivers of the growth of group tours because they are easy to buy and easy to participate in.